What do we cost?

Our standard charge rates are $275 per hour (excluding GST) per Partner and range from $120 to $180 (excluding GST) for a team member.

Usually for regular clients, our fee is commensurate with the previous year’s fee; for new jobs our suggested approach is:

  • We are willing to negotiate or estimate a fee for services agreed upon.
  • We invoice work when it is completed or at the end of every month so that large invoices do not accumulate.
  • Our invoices are fully narrated and supported by a daily timesheet summary.

If you have any queries about an invoice we encourage you to talk to us so the fee can be explained.


Payment Options

  • We accept payment by cheque, direct credit, Visa or Mastercard
  • FeeSmart is an option for spreading the fees over 6 or 12-months at a minimum additional charge.
  • Alternatively download our credit card payment slip, fill it out and fax it back to +64 9 524 8233.